Research and development is driven by a plain concept: the tool must adapt to the constraints of the project, and not to the project to the limits of the tool!

The cornerstone of this axiom is the modular system, constantly enriched and developed by the evolution of the industrial and construction methods. XL engineers see in each and every opportunity a mean of pushing forward the state-of-the-art.

Inventions and processes developed lead to many patents, from which the most strategic are internationally recorded. Protecting ideas gives XL the ability to constantly invest in research and development.

XL designers and engineers imagine, create, and develop solutions to improve the state-of-the-art, general performance and safety of the equipment.



Two key principles are at the heart of XL equipment:

1. Collective protection is systematically preferred to personal protection. As a picture, it is better to provide a shelter for everyone rather than a helmet for each.

2. Redundancy of the systems avoids that a single breakdowns leads to an accident. In other words, safety must be considered as a multiple layer system. The failure of one of them does not affect the integrity of the whole.

Our goal is straight-forward: no accident. That is why safety is integrated at every stage of the design process, systematically taking into account our guiding principles.

Once designed, calculated and manufactured, the equipment’s’ are reviewed, tested and certified by an authorized body. The mock-up validate the worst cases and degraded modes.

Modular System

Modular System

XL Modular System consists of three core modules, each one providing a different function: driving, guidance, and safety. The assembly of one or more of each of the modules makes the drive unit of the machine.

The carrier either deck or car is designed and manufactured bespoke. It is then assembled with the drive unit to create your equipment. When necessary, specific adjustments are made.

This system patented worldwide and proven on many projects can offer solutions to almost all access issues. Any dedicated solution can be delivered in a few weeks lead time.

Therefore, your project is on time, at guaranteed cost, with a complete management of the design, manufacturing, and erection.

Project Engineering

Project Engineering

From design to erection, the company focus on providing a turnkey solution.

The design is carried out by taking into account all constraints of performance and safety, in perfect harmony with your needs. After a project review, appropriate equipment are selected and manufactured.

XL teams master the manufacturing of the finest metalwork and complex structures. Automatism, electrical systems, and programming are made at the factory. Equipment are then tested and controlled prior to installation on site.

Our plant is located in the heart of an industrial ecosystem in which XL partners provide their specialty benefits.

Thanks to the open system, you find spare parts at the largest manufacturers, guaranteeing immediate availability worldwide.



It is essential to rely on high level of service because cost control and time-limits are the main reasons of a successful project.

By exploiting its own fleet, XL demonstrates reactivity. With the design department, your project is equipped with suitable access equipment. The combination of various equipment, platforms, elevators, and material hoist is possible in all configurations.

Equipment are installed and tested in accordance with the local standards by experienced XL mates. It is a guarantee of installation with no surprise neither delay.

Once installed, the maintenance is directly provided by XL. The safety of your people who are daily users of the machine remains a constant priority.